Feds can access your reading lists


"Local librarians are looking for ways to continue protecting a patron’s right to privacy in spite of what they say is the federal government’s meddling ways."

"I believe very, very strongly what you read is your own damn business," said Sherm Pridham, executive director of the Portsmouth Library."

"Local librarians are considering posting signs to warn patrons that records of the books they borrow may wind up in the hands of federal agents, a move that is similar to what libraries in Santa Cruz, Calif., have already done. At least one local librarian is also considering erasing library records in order to further protect a citizens’ right to keep what they read private."

"Ignorance breeds fear, and libraries are here to dispel ignorance," said librarian Carolyn Marvin of the William Fogg Library in Eliot, Maine. "It would be a shame to have people afraid to access information that they need in their lives." (from The Portsmouth Herald)

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