Working late at the library

John Noble sent over a funny little piece from The New Scientist, check it

"Librarians are funny people. And, yes, we do mean funny ha-
ha. In particular, anyone stuck for an acronym (rather than a mere
abbreviation or initialism) for their latest project should
immediately consult their nearest librarian. They can't resist a self-
deprecating pun. In Britain we already have the Social Science
Information Gateway, that'll be a SOSIG machine. And, for true
connoisseurs of the internal politics of the UK Academy of
Information Systems, there's the Follett Implementation Group on
Information Technology, which is enough to make a non-
connoisseur FIGIT. And now from the Netherlands we have the
Networked Research and Digital Information group. Truly NERDI.
LIBRARIES are also the place that academics wish students spent
more time in. Luckily, says Martin Pitt, the public house opposite
the faculty of engineering in Leeds has recently changed its name
to "The Library", making it much easier to keep everyone happy.
He wonders whether there is an opportunity for other hostelries to
call themselves "The Laboratory" or "The Office". "

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