Derek de Solla Price Article



An article about Derek de Solla Price
is in the May 18,
2000 issue of Nature. Dr. Price is the
ex-physicist who spoke about
the compounding effects of scientific publishing over
time, and first said
the famous and frequently un- attributed comment that
\"80 or 90 per cent of
the scientists who have ever lived are alive today\"
He also talked about and documented the
doubling of
scientific knowledge every ten or fifteen years or so
since the year 1700.
If you have electronic access to Nature online, you can
read the interesting article at

If you don\'t have an online account with Nature, you
can read this
article by Terence Kelly in Nature, May 18, 2000,
Volume 405, page 279,
the old-fashioned way: either from the subscription in
your library
collection or through inter-library loan.

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