Superstores Hurting Literary Books


Is it possible that people are buying more \"Trash\" Than ever? According to this Story from The Worldly Investor they sure are, and it\'s all the big stores fault.

\"``The dramatic advent of superstores and online booksellers has made the book business more like the rest of consumer retailing: There is a smaller number of bigger winners than there used to be,\'\' said author Nicholas Lemann, chair of the guild\'s Midlist Study Group.\"

Superstores such as Borders and Barnes & Noble, which usually have much more space than independent sellers, are credited with offering a greater variety of ``midlist\'\' titles. They\'re also criticized for favoring high-profile books and large publishers.

``A close look at superstore sales patterns suggests that most titles they stock serve essentially as wallpaper,\'\' the study says. ``If there is a single reason why midlist book sales are lagging, it is the chains\' merchandising policies.\'\'

The guild report offers a handful of examples of how superstores have allegedly hurt smaller presses and less mainstream publications:

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