Muggles for Harry Potter


People are trying to ban the Harry Potter books off the selves, here is a little an Article telling you where.

\"At a May 11 press conference in Zeeland, Michigan, School Superintendent Gary Feenstra announced that he would rescind most of the restrictions that he imposed on the use of Harry Potter books in November. Accepting all of the recommendations of an advisory committee that had reviewed his restrictions, Feenstra agreed to restore the books to the shelves of the elementary and middle school libraries and to permit students to borrow them without restrictions. Click here for more.

What\'s a muggle?

Every fan of J.K. Rowling\'s Harry Potter books knows that a muggle is a non-magical person. Most muggles don\'t know that they live in a world that is full of wizards and witches like Harry and his friends.\" 

\"Who are Muggles for Harry Potter?

Muggles for Harry Potter are people who believe that it is wrong to ban the use of great books -- like those about Harry Potter -- in classrooms and school libraries because some parents object to their content. Some people are offended by the fact that Harry and his friends use witchcraft. Others believe the books are too violent. But restricting the use of books that kids want to read violates their First Amendment rights and helps produce an illiterate society.

The purpose of Muggles for Harry Potter is to support kids, parents and teachers who are fighting school officials and others who want to ban classroom \"read alouds\" of Potter books and other controversial works, remove the books from library shelves and otherwise restrict their use.

Muggles for Harry Potter is sponsored by the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, the Association of Booksellers for Children, the Association of American Publishers, the Children\'s Book Council, the Freedom to Read Foundation, the National Coalition Against Censorship, the National Council of Teachers of English, and PEN American Center (Click here for a list of sponsor Web sites).

Where Has Harry Potter Been Banned?

Harry Potter books have been challenged in at least 13 states, according to the American Library Association. Most of those challenges are still pending or have been resolved without imposing restrictions. However, the Zeeland, Michigan, school district has banned read alouds, removed the books from display in elementary school libraries and requires parental permission to check out the books or use them for book reports. (More information about the Zeeland, Michigan, case.) There are also reports of banning in school districts in Colorado and Kansas.

In all, there were 478 efforts to remove books from library shelves and classrooms in 1998-1999, according to the ALA. Some of the titles challenged were Isabel Allende\'s House of Spirits, Karen Cushman\'s Midwife\'s Apprentice and The Diary of Anne Frank.\" 

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