Electronic Book Evaluation Project

Project Abstract: The publishing industry is at the doorstep of the biggest change since the invention of the printing press - the advent of the electronic book. Though the shift to a non-print environment has been occurring steadily, advances in electronic reading devices promise to accelerate this trend. Electronic readers now feature paper-thin screens that can be turned like pages and can hold several volumes. Print size is adjustable to suit the reader and books can be downloaded directly from the web at a cost lower than the print version. Though libraries represent a major portion of the customer base of publishers, no efforts have been made to establish products and pricing mechanisms to meet the unique needs of libraries.

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Project Goals:

To explore potential partnership and licensing issues with vendors engaged in publishing or distributing electronic books in order to learn about the products and to discuss plans for serving libraries and their patrons
To develop expertise among library directors in the Rochester region regarding electronic books and their future applications in libraries
To test state-of-the-art electronic book hardware and software for practicality in a library setting
To influence the products and marketing strategies (including pricing) of publishers of electronic books to reflect the needs of libraries

Target Population: The target population for this project includes the librarians at member libraries of the three cooperating agencies: Rochester Regional Library Council; Monroe 2 BOCES School Library System; and the Monroe County Public Library.

Project Director: Susan Gibbons - [email protected]
(716) 387-9854 (mornings) (716) 428-8064 (afternoons)

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