SRRT Newsletter No. 141


ALA\'s Social Responsibilities Round Table is taking a lot of heat at the
moment from pro-Israel activists who are incensed with ALA\'s resolution against the destruction of libraries
and cultural institutions in the Palestinian territories, and aware of SRRT\'s role in the initiation of that
resolution. If you would listen to these critics, all SRRT does is plot a radical international agenda for
ALA. In truth, SRRT does a lot of things through its seven task forces, and brings issues to ALA Council in
a variety of areas. A good way to find out about what SRRT actually does is to check out its website, or better yet, to read the latest issue of the SRRT Newsletter, which gives
the whole run-down on what SRRT and its various Task Forces have been doing. For the record, I am the
current Coordinator of SRRT, and I am a Jew who is not self-hating, and I am very comfortable with the
positions that SRRT has taken on international issues, led by our International Responsibilities Task Force.

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