Warrant Issued for Overdue Books


The Akron Beacon Journal has this story about a man who owes over $4,000 in overdue fines.
\"In books, he likes to read about welding and chess. In music, Horace Young leans toward country. And in videos, he enjoys horror and comedy.

There\'s just one problem: Police say Young doesn\'t like to return the books, compact discs and videos that he checks out at the library.\"

\"Police say Young checked out the items under his own name and several aliases.

``It\'s rare that we involve the police, but this one warranted it,\'\' said David Jennings, assistant director of the library. ``We often have trouble getting material back, but this type of multiple identity thing is not real common.\"

Library officials became suspicious of Young last month when an alert employee noticed that he was checking out several items under a different name from what he normally uses. Their interest was also piqued when they saw Young slip several compact discs into his bag, Jennings said.\"
\"The police were called, but Young was not arrested. However, library workers started checking and determined that Young had many overdue items under several aliases, including the names Enrique Arrallano, Mark Miller and Horace Speights. The library then asked for police help, and Akron detective Richard Morrison went to Young\'s last known address on Carroll Street. Young\'s landlord told Morrison that Young had moved out and said he was leaving town. Included in the items Young left behind were several library books.

``It was just a strange one,\'\' he said.

He said that when Young had overdue items on one library card, he would go to a different branch and open a new card.\"

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