Appeal of the Vernadsky National Library

klaus graf writes \"
On October 22, 2002 the disaster caused by the disorder in the heating
net had happened to Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. More
than 200 000 documents were damaged by a flow of water and vapor,
the heating system is out of order.
Urgent needs:

renovation of the heat, water and electric systems:
total drying of damaged books and book-stock;
reagents and technical devices for drying;
materials for performing of renovating operations in the Library
modern devices, materials and reagents for book-stock
conservation and restoration and for supporting special
microclimate there;
digitalization of paper book monuments and manuscripts.

Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine appeal to the world community
for financial support in order to overcome the disaster consequences, to
restore the book-stock and all kind of services for Library users.

Our accounts:

Receiver: Holosyivske RVDK, code 26077879
c/c 3921808002 in the Kiev UDK, MFO 820019.

Please note: \"for Vernadsky NLU ZKPO 05417058, a/c

Currency account of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine:
current account ¹ 25622301300607/840 (USD)
Prominvestbank of Ukraine
Starokyivske Branch in Kyiv 322227
18/7, Kutuzova St., Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine.

Bank of New York, New York 890-0060-077


UNESCO, which is presently examining the possibility to provide
assistance, is calling upon the international library community to
contact the National Library in Kiev to propose its assistance.
The library can be contacted at the following address

National Library of Ukraine
prosp. 40-richchia Zhotvtnia, 3
03039 Kiev
Tel: + (380 44) 265-81-04;
Fax: + (380 44) 264-33-98, 264-17-70, 265-56-02;
e-mail: [email protected]


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