Librarians File Grievances Over Porn

Rocky Mountain News has this article about librarians in Minnesota who have had enough of pornography in their library.
\"Mary Doty stared in disbelief at the contents of the inch-thick packet of pornographic printouts delivered to her on behalf of seven Minneapolis librarians.

These weren\'t just pictures of pretty, nude ladies,\" said Doty, a Minneapolis Public Library board member. \"It\'s really gross, abnormal-looking stuff, child pornography. ... Unbelievable!\"

\"These printed images, found in library copy machines, on tables and on computer screens, were delivered Wednesday to Mary Lawson, director of the Minneapolis Public Library system, and board members.

With them was a four-page letter accusing the Minneapolis Central Library of being a \"hostile, offensive, palpably unlawful working environment.\"

Those complaints of discrimination were filed Wednesday with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of the seven librarians. At least two other librarians are expected to file similar complaints by week\'s end, said Robert S. Halagan, an attorney representing the librarians.\"
\"The national debate over library access to the Internet and pornography is a complicated one involving interpretations of First Amendment rights and censorship, but technical problems prevent libraries from controlling computer use.

For months, staff members and patrons have complained to the board and to Lawson about hard-core pornographic Web sites left open on vacated terminals, graphic printouts left on tables and youngsters mesmerized by Internet porn. Patrons complained that anyone walking through the library could see pornography on computers.\"

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