Cracker Barrel apologizes for worthless books


AZ Central has a Follow Up story on Cracker Barrel sending 15,000 nearly worthless books in a contest promotion to a local library.

\"Cracker Barrel restaurants offered an apology and $1,000 to Gilbert\'s library Wednesday for sending 15,000 nearly worthless books in a contest promotion.

The Lebanon, Tenn.-based chain also agreed to \"pick up all the books the library doesn\'t want because we don\'t want them to incur any disposal costs,\" Cracker Barrel spokeswoman Julie Davis said. \" The Maricopa County Southeast Regional Library was one of 10 institutions nationwide selected by Cracker Barrel contest winners to receive what was billed as \"10,000 children\'s books.\"

Lillie Holmes of Gilbert was one of those winners, and she picked her home town library to get the \"prize.\"

What it got last week was 11,796 copies of one 1966 preschool book titled What Would Happen If . . ., 1,000 Quick and Easy Pasta paperbacks, 200 copies of How To Use Microsoft Windows 95, and hundreds of outdated college texts.

Libraries in Columbus, Ind., and Gadsden, Ala., received similarly worthless shipments. Gadsden\'s librarian plans to haul hundreds of copies of an outdated microbiology text to a dump.

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