Caution!! Library Vote Tomorrow


Alabama Live has this article about a library director that will go to any means to have library users vote for the budget.

\"The life of the Bessemer Public Library is at stake Tuesday.

At least that\'s the message Carol Castine, the library\'s director, wants to get across.

To do that, Ms. Castine had the library draped in yellow caution tape, as if it were a homicide scene.

\"I just want to call attention to the library with the vote coming up,\" she said.\"

\"I hope people will vote for both the school and the library,\" she said.

Mayor Quitman Mitchell said the tax vote is critical for education in general.

\"When you talk about education, you talk about education,\" Mitchell said. \"It\'s important that we support the library. It\'s the first real effort to do something for the library.\"

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