Metabrowsing Tool: Onepage


This Traffick interview showcases Onepage, one amongst several \"metabrowsing\" tools. Metabrowsing is a newly-coined term for an activity that may someday gain a following: placing customized info from different websites into a single browser window. It\'s not exactly the same as a customized news page; some would say that it\'s better. Others might wonder if it\'s worth the trouble. Still others might just want to buy a couple of extra computers and leave them on all the time!

Other tools in this genre include Quickbrowse and Octopus.

Some excerpts from Onepage\'s discussion of what their service is, and why it is useful:

OnePage is a platform that presents individuals with a new way to experience the Web. Instead of clicking through a series of web sites and pages to find meaningful information, they can now access, collect and manage the specific information they want on a single page.

The platform is based on a powerful technology called the Content Collection Agent, which lets users surf to a web site, identify particular content on that page and bring it back to OnePage. Once captured, the windows of information refresh at user-defined intervals.

Users can also create windows from the OnePage catalog. The catalog is OnePage\'s collection of interesting and useful pre-made windows - like weather, news and shopping - to make it fast and easy for users to create their page...

Currently, users who want personalization are bound by the offerings of the various MyPortals and other sites that aggregate information into a proprietary database and give users an interface to that data. But if users want information from their neighborhood school or little league or a local train schedule, none of these services can offer it. For consumers, the central information source in their home is probably the refrigerator door or a bulletin board where this kind of truly useful, everyday information is tacked up. As more and more of these local organizations offer more and more information on the Web, OnePage can serve as a central online place to keep it.

Hmmm... sounds like this could be a new, more visual way of keeping one\'s personal bookmarks. How visual it can be is going to depend on whether you have a 25-inch monitor, I fear... comments?

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