The problem with e-books has a nice opinion Piece on E-Books.

\"a long history of research on new products shows consumers resist buying products, even if they have marginal benefits, because they lack compatibility. I\'m not talking about technical compatibility -- technologically oriented firms seem to understand this well -- but compatibility with consumers\' past experiences and values. \"E-books are also incompatible with the ways people tend to use their leisure time. True, people do spend time surfing the Net, but I\'m not convinced they read long articles on the Net for relaxation. Why? I think most people would say it\'s too difficult, and I\'m convinced it\'s not due to a lack of font clarity.

Look at the way this page is structured, for example. A newspaper, magazine, or book can have long paragraphs. But on the Net it\'s easier for you to read this essay using short paragraphs. Will authors have to write novels using short paragraphs? Would you really give up your books and magazines to read them on an electronic screen?

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