Library waives fines on overdue books


This article appeared in the Montreal Gazette.

\"When it comes to excuses for not returning a library book on time, Vesna Dell\'Olio has heard them all.

The librarian has seen adults shuffle up to her counter with their heads down and their faces flushed, mumbling something about ex-husbands and ex-wives having made off with the book. Or people admitting that they didn\'t want to return their late books because they thought the fine would be too hefty.\"

Why don\'t people return the books?
\"Some people have their books squirreled away at home and after a certain length of time are too embarrassed to return them, she said.\"

They don\'t get handcuffed...
\"People can\'t be arrested for not returning their reading material, but they won\'t be able to borrow any more books until their late ones have been returned.\"

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