Stupid Research Tricks


Another interesting site sent in by Bob Cox

A Page from Erica Olsen (The Librarian with the Cool T-Shirt).

A collection of short funny library stories

\"This happened about 10 years ago, in the last days of the card catalog. A student came to the reference desk, having been referred there by the security person near the front entrance. She said, \"The catalog said to see main entry for further information, so I went to the door but they couldn\'t help me.\" Keeping a straight face was very difficult.\"From: Michael Connelly
Where: Beijing

When I flew into Burlington, Vermont too long ago for my summer internship interview, I found an open hotel and crashed, setting my alarm for the morning. I woke up, grabbed my stuff and tried to figure out where the newspaper office was. I got to the middle of town and there was the library.

I went in and the woman at the desk said \"May I help you?\" I said, \"Yes, I need three things. I need a place to change clothes. I need a place to stash my suitcase. And I need to learn all the basic stuff about Burlington and the surrounding county in two hours.\"

Boom, boom, boom. She took me in the back, showed me where to change, then took my bags and made them vanish, then plopped me down at a table with books, periodicals, maps and brochures and said, \"Go to it.\"

So you can see that no one has a higher opinion of librarians than I myself do. Great people. They know how to solve problems.

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