Measure censoring Net at libraries gains


The Denver Post has a Report on a new measure in the State House.

\"A measure that would censor the Internet on library computers and keep kids from being exposed to pornography won unanimous approval Wednesday from the House Education Committee.

But the committee rejected an amendment by Rep. Don Lee, R-Littleton, to require parents\' signatures when issuing library cards to minors. The amendment would have allowed parents access to library records so they could monitor what their children read.\"

House Majority Leader Doug Dean, the sponsor of Senate Bill 85 in the House, said that while he would not oppose the amendment, he could find out what his children are reading by looking in their backpacks.

The measure, which now goes to the House Appropriations Committee, would establish a $2 million grant program and make public and school libraries eligible for portions of it if they equip computers with software that will \"limit the ability of minors to gain computer access to material that is obscene or illegal.\" Internet gambling is an example of illegal materials.

The grant amount per library would be $3,000. Those libraries already equipped with software or filters could use the money for books or other materials. Rich Ashton, Denver\'s city librarian, said, \"We have many small libraries for whom $3,000 will double the book budget.\"

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