For Kids Who Need Harry Potter


Associated Press writer Erica Noonan wrote this article about what kids are reading now that they have to wait until the next installment of Harry Potter, which is being released on July 8th. Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament will be over 700 pages long.\"Harry Potter is still a major topic of conversation,\" said Becky Whidden, manager of The Children\'s Book Shop in Brookline, Mass. \"Kids want another book and parents want to keep their kids interested in books.\"

So, what books are being suggested?

\"For kids ages 10 and up, \"The Chronicles of Narnia\" series (HarperCollins) by C.S. Lewis is a must-read, said Whidden. First released half a century ago, the stories about a set of British siblings in a magical land blended religious themes and mysticism.

Kids who love books are being steered to classics like \"A Wrinkle in Time\" (Yearling) by Madeleine L\'Engle, and J.R.R. Tolkien\'s \"Lord of the Rings\" series (Ballantine). T.H. White\'s \"The Once and Future King\" (Ace Books), about the adventures of Merlin and King Arthur, and Susan Cooper\'s award-winning \"The Dark Is Rising\" series published by Aladdin Books are other options for Harry Potter-crazed young adults, Whidden said.\"

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