Calling All Riot Librrrarians

Just passing on an interesting call for papers, first carried by Library Juice (and various listservs, of course):

Call for submissions for issue #1 of \"riot librarrrian\"

To all feminists library workers and users:

This is a call for submissions for a zine project I am
working on with a friend from library school. The
title will be \"Riot Librarrrian: Breaking the Binding
of Patriarchy since 2001\". It is a zine about
feminism, the library, library workers and the spaces
where these things collide. Though this zine will be
of interest to feminist library workers, the intended
audience will simply be feminists (and those
interested in feminism).

SO-- We are looking for drawings, comics, pictures,
and writings to include in issue #1. We are looking
for stories from feminists (contributions from
feminists of all genders are welcome) about using the
library, working in the library, going to library
school, etc. We will also be including annotated
bibliographies of feminist resources (books, zines,
magazines, websites) for feminists to look for at
their libraries, and to ask their librarians for if
they don\'t find these items. We are looking for
advice for feminists from feminist librarians on how
to use the library. (As an example I will give the
call number ranges of feminist material according to
Dewey and according to LC.) We are also interested in
critiques of the Dewey and LC classification systems
and are planning a small article about Melville Dewey
and what a jerk he was. (I\'ve been told that
prospective students of his library school were
expected to send in their measurements and
escriptions of their eye colors with their

If we decide not to include an entry that we receive
we will write a letter explaining why. We will not
edit any entries without first discussing the proposed
changes with the contributor. This zine will be put
together out of our pocket money and we may charge a
dollar or two to cover copying expensives. (We will
be giving away many copies as well.)

Entries should be rather short. Bland entries will
not be considered. Thanks very much for your time. I hope to be bombarded with your feminist brilliance soon.

Sara (riot librarrrian) Pete
[email protected]

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