Put up or pull out, library tells users


ML Live has a Story on a little fight brewing in Michigan. Residents in one School District pay $1.6 Million a year for library services; their neighbors pay nothing. So managers are demanding all residents pay their fair share or possibly lose access to the library.

\"What we have said to them is, \'Look, we don\'t think this is fair. We would like you to join (our) district library.\' If they decide not to do that, we will terminate our contract.\"Sherry Hupp, Cromaine library director, said of the northern district residents.

To meet that demand, the Township Board is reviewing three options: levy 1.6 mills on residents in the Linden and Fenton school districts; allow those residents to join the Genesee District Library system through a 0.8 mill tax; or leave them with no library access at all.

The Cromaine library operates on 1.6 mills from Hartland School District residents, plus a portion of Livingston County Circuit Court fines. The library also receives $1 per resident each year in state library funds.

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