Library increases overdue book fines


Read this Story from the Ann Arbor News. Does anyone have any opinons on only using email for overdue notifications? It may save money but does it exclude many patrons, particularly on an economic level?

You\'d better make sure that\'s not a library book
languishing on the coffee table, forgotten for weeks.

Unless you\'ve given the Ann Arbor District Library your
e-mail address, you won\'t be getting an overdue notice.
As of March 6, the library stopped mailing notices to
customers, one of many cost-saving measures taken
since faced with an unexpected million dollar deficit.

The daily overdue book fine increased from a dime to a
quarter per day on materials borrowed as of April 3.
William Razgunas recently returned a book that was late
and paid $1.10. Had he waited until now - when the
daily overdue rate increased from 10 to 25 cents - he
would have owed $2.75.

Not only did he miss a mailed reminder, he resents the fact that the library hasn\'t done more to get the word out
about the change.

\"It\'s a major change in policy,\" said Razgunas, a regular
library user. \"Hollywood Video is for-profit, so they
have no obligation to their customers to set the fine one
way or another. But taxpayers don\'t support Hollywood

Even though the library is facing financial troubles, it still has an obligation to serve its customers, he said. \"From a service point of view, that\'s crazy thinking. It\'s the way commercial places think, but it\'s lousy service.\"

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