A look at the secret lives of librarians


The Daily Southtown in Chicago has This Great Article that is a series of interviews with local librarians. A nice look at the librarian of the 00\'s,


Lose the image of the hair up in a bun. Old Maid is just another card game to them, and some actually have tattoos and wear more than two earrings. Librarians throughout the Southland say they have plenty of passion, too — not for the discipline of tidy bookshelves and silent facilities, but for books and all the things that go along with reading and learning.P.S. Some are even male.\"One fine comment:

If I\'m at a dinner party and I tell someone I\'m a librarian, the first question they ask me is...

\"How did you end up in that field?\" Meanwhile, they\'re secretly thinking, \"Wow, is this boring. I hope I\'m not seated next to her at the table!\"

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