Stephen King Hacked already

Riding the Bullet\" Stephen King\'s new E-Book has been released for free on the Internet. The book widely available for a download-only (the file’s encryption disabled printing) fee of $2.50 through many online booksellers, or free from Amazon or Barnes &, was a huge success, overloading many of the servers it was on when it was released. Unknown parties cracked the file’s copyright protections and released PDF versions that were available on many Web sites. has more on this story

Len Kawell, president of Glassbook Inc., one of the publishers that are electronically distributing King\'s \"Riding the Bullet,\" told Newsbytes this afternoon that he knows of two sites upon which pirated versions of the e-book were posted, and that publishers are working with the FBI to find the encryption breakers and be sure the sites and other Internet rogues do not offer the counterfeit copies.

Pirates used some type of \"cracking\" method to open the PDF file that King\'s book was in, Kawell said. \"Piracy is inevitable. There is no technological solution to piracy. There are laws that have been enacted by the government outlawing copyright infringement of materials posted on the Internet,\" he said.

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