Andy Rooney ponders e-books


The free ebook that Rooney mentions is for the Nook. You can find it here:

If you do not have a Nook you can download software for your PC, iPad, or iPod Touch to read the book.

From the piece: One of the first books I wrote a long time ago was called The Fortunes of War. It was pretty expensive then, $7.50. Now you can get it free as an E-book. Not much in that for me.

- If he does not want the ebook to be free all has to do is change the price. In regards to the price in 1962 he is correct that the book was expensive at $7.50. Adjusted for inflation the book would be $54.72 in 2011 dollars.

His book is available on Amazon in paper but it is only available from 3rd party sellers. Rooney is not going to see the money from those sales either. The fortunes of war,: Four great battles of World War II

To put a plug in for another of Rooney's books; I read his book: My War and thought it was good. Book is still in print so you can buy a new paper copy. This book is not available for the Nook (free or otherwise) but is available for the Kindle.

Rooney's also the one who said, "Having people take one of my books out of a library does nothing for me." Not sure if he's the best source for LISNews.

I met Andy Rooney in the 1980s when he gave a talk at my high school - in our library I believe. Nice enough guy, and funny.

On this topic, we need to think about what "extinct" means. Does it mean never printed, and existing print books all disappear. If so, Rooney's probably right. Does it mean the vast majority of books won't be printed, or if printed, only done in small print-on-demand ways. Then he's probably wrong.

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