U. Michigan protesters check out 3,000 books

Read this article from Excite News about this unique form of protest . It would be interesting to get some responses to this article. Does this protest infringe on the right to access information? How about its impact on library staff?

Each day University students, faculty and staff check out about 300 books from the Shapiro Undergraduate Library. But Thursday a group of graduate students borrowed nearly 3,000 books in less than three hours.

The 50 students checked out the books to protest how the University administration handled the conflict between the Students of Color Coalition and the senior honor society

University spokesman Joel Seguine said the administration does not plan to release an official response to the protest.

Hashimoto said the group wants the administration to address issues beyond Michigamua such as drops in minority enrollment and the quantity of minority faculty.

Members of Graduate Action Alliance checked out 3,000 books and took about 2,500 more from the library\'s stacks between about 9 a.m. and 11:40 a.m, Shapiro Undergraduate Library Head Linda TerHaar said.

After Graduate Action Alliance members checked out the books, they packed them into shopping carts and moved them into a U-Haul truck.

Library employees scanned the books using three computers and any \"person borrowing books for studying\" was given priority in line, TerHaar said.

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