Almost Poetry Month

Topic: has a nice story on National Poetry Month.

It\'s been five years since the Academy of American Poets designated April National Poetry Month, and this year\'s month-long literary celebration and marketing frenzy will feature more promotions, readings and bookstore events than ever.Moviegoers in 1,800 Loews Cineplex theaters will see an NPM promotion; American Airlines will help distribute 100,000 volumes of poetry; and the academy\'s Poetry Book Club is ready to launch on the Web after a year of test marketing.

\"Each year, there\'s something new,\" said Bill Wadsworth, executive director of the academy. \"National Poetry Month has become part of the general culture. More poetry books are being published. More readings are taking place. It provides an opportunity for Americans of all ages to learn more about the vitality and variety of our contemporary poetry.\"

Indeed, Wadsworth pointed to \"an explosion of poetry on the Internet,\" happily citing a recent poll of the 50 most popular topics on, the Web search engine portal; poetry, Wadsworth proudly told PW, came in eighth--behind Pamela Anderson and wrestling but ahead of marijuana and the Bible. Web portal Yahoo! will provide ad banners for NPM for the month that will link to the academy\'s Web site (, which Wadsworth said gets four million hits a month.


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