Vanlue rescinds banning of book


You may have seen the story last week about the principal in OH that banned a book after someone compalined the language in the book made her uncomfortable as did \"the behavior of the characters and the referral to drugs, alcohol, and sex, etc.\" The school superintendent has now changed his mind, after the teacher using the book put up a fight, and the book is back in. You can read the story at Toledo

\"After much careful thought, lengthy discussion, and debate, as superintendent, I am hereby overturning Principal Jeffrey L. Snook\'s decision to ban the book Hoops by Walter Dean Myers,\" Mr. Puchta said. \"In the interest of putting the students of our district first, it\'s time to put this matter behind us so the educational process can continue.\"

The book was removed from the curriculum last month by Mr. Snook after Joel and Carol Yeater complained about its content.

Mr. Yeater, who is president of the school board, declined to comment after last night\'s meeting.

\"Rainbows and sunshine,\" he said with a smile before walking away.

In a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, Mrs. Yeater described the reading material as \"evil.\"

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