Harry has two fathers


It seems like everyone wants a piece of the potter action. Now a childhood friend of JK Rowling says HE was the inspiration for Harry Potter in this story from Book Magazine.

\"Speaking from his home in the English West Country on Saturday, Ian Potter, a childhood friend of author JK Rowling, said he would be annoyed by anyone who claimed that Harry Potter–the incredibly popular fictional character created by Rowling–was inspired by a Potter other than himself.\"
Potter recalled that he and his sister Vikki used to play with Rowling (then known as Joanne) and her younger sister Di around 1973-74 in Winterbourne, near Bristol. He said they would occasionally tell stories, but most of all, the Potters and the Rowlings loved dressing up. \"And nine times out of ten,\" he said, \"it would be Joanne who had the idea, and she\'d always say, \'Can\'t we be witches and wizards?\'\"

Potter had just been informed that Nancy Stouffer of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, had filed suit against Rowling alleging that Rowling lifted several ideas, including the name of her hero, from Stouffer\'s 1984 book, The Legend of Rah and Muggles, which featured a character named Larry Potter. The suit, filed in federal court in Pennsylvania March 6, names Rowling, Scholastic Inc., Time-Warner Entertainment Co., Mattel Inc. and Hasbro Inc. as defendants. The latter three companies have various film and merchandising rights to Harry Potter. A Scholastic spokesperson said Friday that Stouffer’s suit was without merit. BOOK could not reach Rowling, Scholastic or Time-Warner over the weekend.

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