Arlington school libraries will not bar book; parent planning to appeal decision


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A book challenged by a parent for its sexual and violent content will not be removed from all junior high school
libraries because it describes issues faced by Arlington students,school officials announced yesterday.

The book, `We All Fall Down\' by Robert Cormier, was challenged by a parent of a 12-year- old Boles Junior High student. The school removed the book in January. Yesterday, all junior high librarians reviewed it.Although individual school librarians still may remove the book from their schools, the group declined to ban the book districtwide,officials said. The book will remain banned from Boles.

In the novel, the main character, Buddy, and his friends get drunk,spread vomit and feces on walls, try to rape a young girl and throw her down a flight of stairs. Buddy suffers from a guilty conscience and eventually loses his girlfriend when she discovers his involvement.

\"The issues that Buddy in the book is dealing with, many students are dealing with in Arlington,\" said Miles Morris, director of library services. \"Dealing with divorce and drinking alcohol -- the librarians felt that junior high students are going through some of those issues.\"

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