How To Set Up A Workshop??


Ira Bhargava writes: \"This is to introduce myself as a medical librarian employed with Institute
of Nursing in Dubai, UAE, which is in middle east. I have more than 16 years
of experience behind me as a school/medical librarian.

Recently I have been requested by a local group of schools to organize a
workshop on school libraries.I would like to cover the following 3 main

1. How to organise an effective school library
2. How to instill reading habits in children
3. How to go about computerising/networking school libraries belonging to one group of entrepreneurs.

So what do you think? How does one find suitable materials to use in a conference... Post your answers below. Since this would be the first time that a workshop of this kind is being
organised in the region, I am finding it a little difficult to obtain
sufficient and suitable material to work with. I got your reference while
searching the net for information. I shall be grateful if you would kindly
help me find information on the above topics; especially about the
\'...reading habits...\' question. Ideas to make the workshop interesting and
effective are also most welcome. So would be any kind of \'school library