A book that really puts children to sleep!

The Dream Stowaway is no question one of the best bedtime books I ever read my child! From start to finish my child was at the edge of her bed waiting for the next verse to begin. The Dream Stowaway is 42 pages but reads like a 13 page book. It stars one of the cutest and most original characters I've seen in children's literature. A small boy that travels from house to house placing children to sleep..(and Santa Clause thought he had it bad). Much like the jolly red man, The Dream Stowaway will give your children something to look forward to not just for one night, but every night. My child is already placing toys next to her bed for The Dream Stowaway to take. Here is the website for the book www.cjpumpkinsworld.com Please carry this book for other parents to read. It really does put children to sleep! Maya King Teacher/ Parent
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