Hurray for censorship in our schools

A teacher is laid off for 18 months for insisting on using a book. 149 of 150 parents gave permission to use it, and it's also in the school library. But she's still laid off. <a href="">CNN Video Story</a>.


I think there's a distinction between "insisting on using a book" and using a book after school administrators explicitly told her not to. This isn't censorship, the book wasn't pulled off the school's library shelves and no one is saying the teens can't read it on their own -- it simply wasn't approved for classroom use.

There was once a retarded guy who lived on my block. He wanted to be on the city council but they wouldn't let him, on account of his being retarded.

But it's been 17 years now that he's been on the school board and darned it if that wasn't a perfect fit.

People who get bent out of shape about high school kids reading profanity or sexual language are like people who worry about mosquitoes in the middle of a forest fire.


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