Mom appalled at racy books in store for teens at mall

Another day, Another Offended Mom, only this time it's not us being offensive, it's a store, Urban Outfitters. Mommy was surprised to find sexually charged books that she believes have no place in a clothing store for teens and young adults.

On one end of the spectrum was "Porn for Women" a photo book showing men doing housework. On the other was "Pornogami: A Guide to the Ancient Art of Paper-Folding for Adults" a guide for making anatomically correct artwork."When I saw it, I was shocked," mama said.


The Urban Outfitters in downtown Toronto sells dishes, lamps, furniture, rugs, etc in addition to clothes. They also have awesome/weird/goofy toys from the 80's. I would never have considered them a store for teens and young adults.

And yes, there's always a selection of adult titles for sale. It's a fun store to browse through.


U.S. teens like to hang out at Malls; that's their thing. I did it when I was a teen, too. Since we have so few genuine public places in American suburbia anymore, the Mall becomes the substitute. But actually most stores in the Mall don't cater exclusively to teens. If this mom is offended by Urban Outfitters, I suggest she keep far away from Spencer's Gifts, Hot Topic, and a host of other stores with much more questionable taste (and therefore, very popular with teens, by the way). They also sell "teen" clothing (though some of it in violation of local school dress codes, hence mainly suitable for weekend and evening wear) and there's lots more to be offended about there. Heck, even I find some of it I don't buy it or look at it for longer than a glance...

Shocked? Yes SHOCKED.

Why are they always shocked? Perhaps they could be appalled? Maybe they should be surprised? They could be jolted, or maybe even blown away. Oo! Wouldn't it be great if they were horrified? That'd be almost as awesome as if they were consternated. Sigh, no one ever gets consternated anymore.

All they ever do is get shocked.

I guess they're going to have to move the books or something, then. That'll keep those teenagers from thinking about sex.

Some books contain the machinery required to create and sustain universes. Tycho (Jerry Holkins) @ Penny Arcade

Being the mom of a 16 year old, I have to admit, I am a little taken aback when I see this stuff, especially if my kid is along for the shopping trip. But it's really not much different than when I was a teen--it's just more out in the open, which is a good thing in many ways. For G-d's sake, just talk to your teens people! The kids that are informed and know about this stuff do not seem to be interested in what books Urban Outfitters is selling--that's my own observation. And yeah, they have some really cool household items and clothing!

And I think it's amusing that the woman's last name is Milfs.

I'm glad someone else picked up on that!

Thanks for the links. I checked them out and they really are very funny! Maybe they should sell "And Tango Makes Three" or "King & King" and really get that lady's goat!

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