Game Playing @ Your Library


Whether it's Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution, the kid are having a blast at the Penfield Public Library (near Rochester NY).

Are the games 'educational'? Jennie Schaff, assistant professor of education technology in Nazareth College’s school of education, said the games could be super beneficial in getting kids into the library. Guitar Hero requires users to click on colored keys to hit the correct note, which could be educational for some.

Wiis are also being used with senior citizens for maintaining motor control and having fun. They can bowl, play tennis and do other sports, indoors.

It’s not just about playing the games, said 12-year-old Aaron Bonham. “It gets you out of the house and you get to socialize and meet new people,” he said. And, after the kids play, Grills said many of them head over to the teen section to scope out what’s on the shelves. Story from MPN Now.

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