Harry Potter and the Wardrobe Malfunction

Okay, so it's not Friday and I'll not post this under the Friday Funnies topic. Besides, there's nothing funny about J. K. Rowling suffering a "wardrobe malfunction" at some kind of red carpet extravaganza because she wore a dress with a low neckline which was utterly incapable of containing her breasts.

It's also not funny that her agent gallantly leapt into action to protect the modesty of a woman who is far richer than the queen of her country. And it's not funny that he did so by valiantly grabbing and, um, manually containing the (ahem) offending breast.

It's not funny.

It's hilarious.

Shall we schadenfreude? (pictures are SFW)


if someone in the crowd waves his wand and casts "Exposium!" can't she just counter it with something? or at least hire a younger guy to field those pop-flys?

And male Harry Potter fans, from 8 to 80, were suddenly catapulted into puberty.


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