American Libraries - First Lady Laura Bush Discusses Post-White House Agenda


George sent over a Link To American Libraries and their interview with Laura Bush. There's also a video and a transcript.

Q.: I have one final question for you, and that’s about the future. What comes after the White House? Are you going to have a role in your husband’s presidential library? Are you going to do some writing?

Mrs. Bush: Oh, I will have a role in his presidential library. I’m really looking forward to being actively involved in the building of it. We have a very good architect.


After her husband has spent eight years violating the constitution and sent 4,000 Americans to die needlessly in Iraq, Mr. Kniffel heads to the White House to gleefully kiss the first lady's ass. Is that journalism or just two people using each other for fluffy PR? Librarians - even the ones locked up inside the vacuum, the bubble at 50 E. Huron - are supposed to fight ignorance, not celebrate it.

Interviewing the librarian that is married to the President of the United States is shameful to you?

It seems that you do not wish to allow differing opinions, you do not wish to hear information that does not agree with your personal philosophies, your personal political views, or that which is not in complete lockstep with what you believe.

Shameful? Something is, but it is not that article.

A librarian who eschews different opinions and wishes to stifle the production and distribution of information. ..that is what I would consider shameful.

HE is still THE President, deserving of respect, SHE is still THE First Lady, also deserving of respect, and more importantly, she is still a LIBRARIAN, most deserving of our respect. If history judges his presidency as you do, what better place to keep the record, the good, the bad, and the ugly, than in a library. That's our job.

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