Love Twitter? Try Fartter.

You've heard of Twitter, but have you heard of Fartter? is the new social networking site for people who really want to stay connected.
Let's say you have a blog. Well, some things you want to tell people aren't suitable for a full blog post, but you want them to know anyway, so you use twitter. But what about if you just fart? Maybe there are times when you've just farted, but you don't want to log into twitter to tell everyone.

That's where fartter comes in. Add the fartter icon to your Internet Explorer or Firefox toolbar and every time you fart, give it a click. Your personal fartter page will update with the news.

Fartter also lets you comment on your fartts. And fartter works with your mobile device to travel anywhere you do.

Here's how it works: Carla signs up for fartter and searches for her friends. After clicking "sniff," she gets updates on all her fartter friends. For example, she didn't know that fried rice gives Jim farts. And she didn't know that Louise disguises her farts by coughing.

So if you don't have time for twitter, try fartter. And if you haven't heard of fartter, someone's probably coughing loud enough to cover it up.

[apologies to commoncraft]

fyi, as of this post, there is no; I made it up. maybe tomorrow.

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