Yahoo's Open Approach to Search

Yahoo Says it's is embracing openness like never before: The open theme continued as they announced they are opening up Yahoo! Search itself. This open search platform enables 3rd parties to build and present the next generation of search results. There are a number of layers and capabilities built into the platform, the goal-- present users with richer, more useful search results so that they can complete their tasks more efficiently and get from "to do" to "done."


Enjoy the Yahoo openness while it lasts. After Microsoft acquires them (through purchase or hostile takeover or commando raids) that openness will disappear.

Then again, maybe I'm one of those people who's cynical about the whole thing because I think Microsoft would be better suited to spending time and money on fixing Vista rather than buying a search engine company. Sure, they have to get into search if they want to get into the online world with any legitimacy, but how's about we deal with that whole "core competency" thing first?

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