Toronto librarian admits shooting Chicago cop in '60s

The saga of an American who spent 39 years on the run for the attempted murder of a Chicago police officer, most of it hiding under an assumed name in Mississauga, Canada, ended today in a U.S. court, where he was sentenced to 30 days in jail, two years probation and a $250,000 fine.

“I wish the events which led to Mr. Knox’s injuries had never occurred,” Pannell said in court. “It was an American tragedy. By this plea, I accept responsibility for the part I played in that tragedy.”


Officer Knox is a far more benevolent man that I could ever dream to be. If someone shot me I'd kill them right then and there.

If they were returned to justice after fleeing to another country and living under an assumed name and lying every day to avoid being a man, to avoid being responsible for his own actions, to avoid being a productive member of society, I'd want to see him locked up for the full 15 years.

I don't have a might shoot me.

The guy has a Philmont Scout Camp belt buckle on in the article's photo.

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