Library In a Staircase

Running out of room at your library? Government won't pony up for the expansion you so desperately need?

Well, take a look around, are you really using your area to its greatest efficiency? For instance, do you have stairs?

So, why not use those?

Warning: I don't know about anyone else, but the first picture on this page gave me a little pang of vertigo. It's almost like staring at a real life Escher creation.


One of the reasons for the vertigo is the "rise" of these stairs (the height between steps) is about twice the height of normal American stairs. Compare even a paperback book to a normal stair height and you'll see what I mean. This may not even be legal under some building codes in the US. Too bad, it's an interesting idea, but not something I'd want to walk up regularly. It'd be like climbing a ladder, which is why, I gather, that the steps jut out a little on alternate sides.

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