Why Professional Librarian Journals Should Evolve into Blogs

Marcus Banks Says he became firmly convinced that the traditional journal model is antiquated for sharing research and knowledge among librarians. A better course is to develop and nurture excellent blogs, with multimedia capabilities and guaranteed preservation of the postings. This could be an entirely new blog that starts from scratch, or an established journal that evolves into a blog.


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Either Wiki or Blog?

Frankly, this comes into conflict with the crowd who think everything's going to turn into a wiki.

Personally, I'd be happy with microfilm.

not mutually exclusive...

These things (traditional, professional print journals v. Blogs) are hardly mutually exclusive. There's the LITA Blog, but LITA also puts out its print publication which I hope will continue as well, for example.

Exclusionary, binary thinking is teh st00pid ;-D

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