The Joys Of Email

If there's anyone who has a more messed up email system I'd love to hear about it. My main email address, I've been using since 1999, is btcarver, but at, not, which is where LISNews lives now (.com just does a redirect to .org). All the LISNews domains live on one of my LISHost servers, but the email (aka mx record) all goes through gmail. I also have a gmail rule set up to cc an account at LISHost, just in case. So this means I have 2 primary email accounts that are essentially on 3 different servers. I use the gmail hosted email for domains for a number of reasons. First and foremost, if one or both LISHost servers go down, I still need to be able to communicate with everyone. So that worked just fine, until recently. Work decided to firewall all major providers of web based email, including gmail. Luckily they're not blocking ALL web based email and luckily I'm already ccing all my email to LISHost for just such an occasion. So while I'm at work I check my mail via my account on LISHost, while I'm home I use Outlook Express, which I have set up to check the account @gmail, along with my blake account on LISHost, and my other rarely used account at

I have sent items on lishost, gmail, and my computer at home. I've done a good job of having at least one copy of all sent emails in my "sent items" folder at home. I actually have just about every single email I've send for the past 8 years The trick to managing all this has been making sure all my email comes "from:" my account, so it's all routed through the gmail servers when people reply to me.

When I go looking for email addresses I'll usually fire up the gmail web interface, and same goes for old emails I can't seem to find or have deleted from Outlook Express. I've written extensively about how the gmail web interface drives me crazy, but I do love the search and the address book.

So yes, it's as confusing as it sounds. To make matters worse, sometimes people email me at my account, and I don't always check that one as much as I should while I'm home. It also means my mail gets routed in odd ways. I've tried 3 times to email myself the list of non-librarian blogs I have at home so I can work on it while I'm at work. Each time I've done that from Outlook Express. But I have to program set up to move anything from me and to me into the sent items folder, so the email ends up not getting CCed to my LISHost account, which means I can't work on the list. Now, after three times, I finally figured out why the email was never making it.

So all of this is my really, really long excuse for why I don't have that list done yet.

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this is not worse than your email, but can you believe I still use an email account that I access via telnet??? it's been active since 1993.