Holodecks in Libraries?

The site Game Couch (a video game and general nerd site) posted a question to some bloggers on how a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodeck">holodeck</a> (really? you don't know what that is? turn in your MLIS right now!) might fit in with libraries. He got responses from <a href="http://www.davidleeking.com/">David Lee King</a> and <a href="http://www.librarian.net/">Jessamyn West</a>. Oh, yeah, and the.effing.librarian, but don't let that keep you from reading. <a href="http://www.gamecouch.com/2008/02/the-holodeck-problem-the-librarians/"> story here</a>. ...and if any of you Star Trek nerds have an opinion, I'm sure the editor would like to hear it, so leave comments.


This is easily the damn stupidest thing I've read about this year.

Why don't people just write about what Battlestar Galactica character they'd have liked to have taken to the senior prom? Then about what they'd wear. Then what their date would have worn. Then what planet they'd get the corsage flowers from and would class M planet flowers be prettier or more pedestrian.

Hey, could Superman beat up Mighty Mouse? I mean, Superman is, like, a real person!

Would Spock and Superman and Hiro work at my library? Gosh, would Spock be a cataloger or would he ...


1. John Colicos (Baltar).
2. I would wear the traditional Klingon grtth-arr, but in pink, to go with my eyes.
3. John would wear a scuba wet suit and Bally loafers.
4. Flowers would be from the planet Earth. Posies.
5. Superman, duh.
6. Hiro would work here, but he'd always be late.

When our library gets our holodeck through a Gates' grant, I'll say I told you so.

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