Who or what would you like to hear on the next episode of LISTen?

Although LISTen remains on hiatus work continues. There will not be an episode released on Monday. Right now the production team is doing work to make things even better. A question has arisen, though. We have learned from the demographics survey responses so far that quite a number of respondents serve in public libraries in reference capacities. This impacts how we start setting up shows. What sort of segments would be useful? Interviews with political leaders like Senator Harry Reid, a US Senator for Nevada as well as Senate Majority Leader? Interviews with leaders in technology inside and outside the world of librarianship? Field reports from other parts of the librarianship Anglosphere such as Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom? A weekly tech report contributed by a someone to be lined up? There are two ways you can make suggestions in this matter. The first is to write to the LISTen Production Team at [email protected]. The second is to leave a comment on this post. We cannot promise anything as to what will come of what is suggested. We have to consider what is realistic in terms of production complexity and financial limits. For now this remains a no-budget operation. Short term funding is sought to keep the host out of hock while issues persist at the host's present day job in terms of deepening cutbacks. Such donations to help during the short term are received using PayPal. Inquiries about other ways to give can also be received via e-mail. To the best of my understanding, PayPal handles currency conversions if you are located somewhere out the United States and feel moved to contribute. This might be important to the seemingly large population of listeners in Canada who might donate.
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I don't really care what politicians have to say as they can speak all day and say nothing. I do care about leaders in the profession. Library directors, library adminstrators, those making the day to day decisions that affect those of us in the profession. Let us hear from John Szabo in Atlanta, formerly of Clearwater and Palm Harbor (where I was a librarian after he left) about running that oft spoken about library

I also want to hear controversial subjects. Interview whomever is head of the ALA about the job crisis they keep harping on when in reality 35K is a wonderful salary. Interview people hiring competent librarians who are unable to find any with markatable skills ( DDR and web 2.0 are not marketable skills in the corporate world when you lack real skills with Lexis, CCH, and BNA- if you have those I know of a 60K starting position at my POW) Interview librarians in emerging markets, EMEA financial, polyglot librarians [120K for a Chinese/English special librarian w/ 6mos exp who can be based in Asia or US), interview librarians from the SLA, librarians from Fortune 500 firms.

Interview librarians from Ask.com, google.com, and other internet search providers, interview librarians from Autonomy, Fast (well MS)...anyone from Gartner's enterprise search magic quadrant. These are the people who know how the skills that librarians hold are being used.

Interview librarians from LOC, USIA, EPA and other large governemental organizations, they are some of the most well connected librarians around. Interview the CIA and NSA, they have librarians - lots of librarians, and they are remarkably good at what they do.

We can all read LISNews, cut that portion down to the first 60 seconds, no one gives a rats arse if 50 people left comments if they are only listening to the podcast. If they read LISNews they may, but if they don't - and only listen to the podcast then you are wasting their time. Make it an extension of LISNews, allow comment on your story blurbs, and solicit online feedback on each item.

Network with other librarians to get the resources. I know that you could have attened CES had you only noted you needed access a few weeks in advance, I know you can go to ALA - but then again so can all of us so who really cares about that. FastForward08, EnterpriseSearchSummit, things like that which are search related and therefore library related can indeed be accessed if need be by networking.

Panel discussions: once a month a conference bridge panel with five or six differing points of view. For example, lets discuss the MLS as an entry level requirement. I suggest Dr. de la Pena McCook, Blake, Rochelle, myself, and Slashgirl. Several different points of vew. 15 minutes of discussion - civil discussion- at a time convenient to all participants to be recorded and saved for podcast. If you can record it I can sponsor the conference bridge.

Lose the strange sounds, either I am too old to hear, or I have crappy speakers but is sounds as if you have your head in the toilet.

As to sponsorship. I've made a small contribution. I will match everything from public librarians up to $500 raised in the next two weeks (by St. Valentine's day - he is buried in Dublin you know) StephenK will report to me on or after the 14th how valuable we all find the service and if all goes well my contribution will be far outpaced by others and I'll have to fork over a bit of cash. Although historically I've found librarians to be more full of opinion and liberal opinion at that, than dosh. Take a few dollars from me. Stephen, when this is complete email me and I'll send a check to avoid the the paypal fees.

LISNews readers? Do you value LISTEN? I know I do.


Let me start off by talking about the format change that is being explored. First and foremost I know things like Tekzilla, This Week in Tech, and other shows are out there. Are they what is best for librarians? No, not really. From what I have seen there is a need for front-line reference desk staff to gain some appreciation of technology seen in the world. I am not one to tell people to go nuts with a technological item but I do want to be on the side of giving reference librarians at least a kernel of knowledge to start with to help patrons who bring up tech questions. If the profession is to have an image of being at ease with such technology there comes a price that has to be paid.

I only view podcasting as a change in transport medium from television and radio. And I have quite a few problems with playing Dance Dance Revolution so I just don't anymore. My DIALOG and Lexis skills are a little rusty but are still there.

I would love to be able to get in at any of the alphabet soup agencies for a chat. That would be fun. I'd never be cleared for it, though. Segments from Provo are possible as that is where SirsiDynix and Library Backstageworks can be found. ALA Annual is coming up in June and would be only a four hour drive away as it is taking place in Anaheim. These are things that have to be worked on. With a working history of already produced episodes in existence it makes it easier to get my foot in the door with media relations folks at different places.

Might the zeitgeist stuff be reduced? I do think that is a possibility. I had already been thinking about it myself but some discussion has to occur in production.

As to the drips, those are put in to help stabilize the waveform after compression. Other podcasts have to use a similar system. John C. Dvorak's tech5 has a bubbling cauldron in the background. Many of Leo Laporte's shows have background noise in them too. The codecs for MP3 are not too happy with mainly spoken word podcasts so kludges like the drips happen. The audio engineer has been upping the sound level incrementally for a while to see if anybody would notice and say anything. That should all either disappear or be quieted down with the start to the first season.

In seeking feedback I know I have been playing some cards fairly close. The format/topic shift has been a big concern for me. Nothing is set in stone on that front, though. I started doing the legwork this week to get that in motion while my day job had me fully off the schedule for the week due to a budget crunch.

There may be some pitches floating around to see about securing advertisers but that is also not set in stone either. That has been an issue that we have debated back and forth here in Las Vegas. How would such be received? I do not dare speculate.

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it greatly as does the audio engineer.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

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