Indy Bookstores Closing in Droves


A hard time for the economy, and an even harder one for independent bookstores in communities small and large.

One of Boston's favorites, McIntyre & Moore will be closing in April. Upland CA's Bonanza Books is planning to close up shop at around the same time. Bookland in Stockton CA is closing, likewise McCoy Books in Seattle, and in DC and environs, Karibu Books , a small chain focused on African-American literature is closing after fifteen years. In Kingston, PA Tudor Bookshop is closing, and in the middle of ski season in Lake Tahoe, Neighbors Bookstore has shut its doors.


See article here.

and if we patronize them, and make a concerted effort for buy locally, maybe they'll survive for a few years...

My local independent bookstore is actually doing better than ever. They're an active member of Booksense, they do a tremendous amount of local programming, they support a bunch of book clubs and have a fantastic signed first-editions club. It's definitely a difficult time for bookstores, but just like libraries, the bookstores that think strategically about what they add to their communities and take advantage of collaborations and technologies effectively have a good chance of surviving and thriving.

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