Stolen rare maps find their way back to library's collection

Stolen rare maps find their way back to library's collection: More than 30 rare, antique maps stolen from the Boston Public Library by a Martha's Vineyard map dealer were returned to the library in 2007, library president Bernard Margolis said this week, part of the conclusion of an international scandal that rocked the staid world of map collecting.


One of my big frustrations about library book and map theives is that newspapers and other resources never show the photos ofthe people who are convicted. The newspaper article would have been a much better peice if the mug shot of Smiley had been added, so others could see if they have had dealings with the crook themselves.
Too many bad guys depend upon anomynity and being inconspicuous. They should be exposed, in case they come to your library.

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)