You've Been Warned - The Last Sentences

Natural/Artificial Points Out James Patterson's You've Been Warned is the current best-seller on The New York Times hardcover fiction list. She says it's It's the kind of book that makes one yearn for the witty, polished prose of a Danielle Steel or a V.C. Andrews. She typed up a list of the last line of every chapter in the book. And the amazing thing was that the story actually made sense this way.

I'd like to think there are a lot of good creative writing exercises here. Rearranging the sentences so that they form paragraphs and a new story. Turning it into a poem. I think the coolest thing would be You've Been Warned, Last Sentences: The Graphic Novel. I'd totally do it if I could draw. And I loved Lauren's idea of a page-a-day calendar. (Hmm, what's my inspiration for today? Flip. Oh, "And I think that burning smell is back too." Excellent!)


What a find! Hilarious. Thanks.

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