More Iowa libraries now on-line thanks to state project

From <a href="">Radio Iowa</a>: <blockquote>You may now be able to go on-line and find out more about your local library thanks to a state project. State librarian Mary Wegner says the project called "PLOW," or "Putting Libraries on the Web," has helped give over 500,000 Iowans an electronic link to their library.</blockquote>


The second to last sentence in the full article states, "Wegner says Iowa is the only state in the country whose state library is providing such a service." This is not at all the case.

Four other states (Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, and Texas) have formed the Plinkit Collaborative to provide a similar service. In all but one of the states, Plinkit is managed by the respective state library. (In Illinois, the individual regional systems deploy Plinkit throughout their state).

Plinkit (Public Library INterface KIT) launched as a statewide program in Oregon the fall of 2005 and the Collaborative was formalized in July of 2006. For more information on Plinkit and/or the Collaborative see, and/or feel free to contact Darci Hanning at darci dot hanning at state dot or dot us

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