Drupal: MARC Module Released

<a href="http://www.drupal.org">Drupal</a>, the open source content management system that powers LISNews is now an even better choice for library websites given the recent release of a <a href="http://drupal.org/project/marc">MARC module</a> to handle conversion of MARC records into Drupal content nodes. This module was developed by the <a href="http://sls.gvboces.org">School Library System of Genesee Valley BOCES</a> as part of their open source <a href="http://fish4info.org">Fish4Info</a> library portal to create a more social library catalog that drew upon Drupal's incredible capabilities. The project is being maintained by Andy Austin. The MARC module provides a Drupal administrative interface for mapping any MARC field to a Drupal field in a default node type, taxonomy, or custom CCK field. Additional settings allow pre-processing of the MARC data that allow, as an example, the parsing of just the number of pages from the AACR2 formated MARC string. MARC records are uploaded to the server as attachments or placed in the specified directory. The MARC module then processes the records incrementally to avoid server slowdowns.
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