China's oldest library opens in the evening

Some interesting tidbits on China's Oldest Library in a story with many uninteresting tidbits on evening hours at a library you'll never see. Built during the period from 1561 to 1566 in West Ningbo, Tianyi Pavilion is a famous old library which once housed an enormous collection of rare volumes, including block-printed and hand-copied books and manuscripts. They have opened to visitors on weekend evenings, in an effort to satisfy public demand.
He Hongyu, vice director of Tianyi Museum, said many Ningbo citizens and non-local tourists found that just half a day wasn't enough time for them to fully utilize the library, while others had expressed wishes to enjoy the evening scenes in Tianyi Pavilion's garden.
A ticket for a night visit costs 10 yuan (about 1.36 U.S. dollars), only half of the price of the day ticket. But visitors are advised to preorder tickets, since only 2,000 lucky people are allowed to enter the library each day.

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